TIGER Drylac® Wood

The transfer and adaptation of this modern coating technology for industrially produced engineered wood, expecially medium density fiberboard (MDF) is state of the art. TIGER has been a major contributor and will continue supporting the further development of this technology in the future.


The vast know-how of the influential variables within the scope of the powder application, curing techniques, oven design, MDF quality requirements, test and quality techniques for a comprehensive quality system equipment and quality assurance now provides a process safety essential to industrial production. 

After considering all these parameters the technology of powder coating MDF has become a technically and economically attractive alternative to wet lacquering and PVC foil lamination. It shows enormous potential with regard to economic efficiency, surface toughness plus the availability of a wide spectrum of color designs and effects, while being environmentally friendly with zero emissions.


The high quality of powder coating using TIGER Drylac® Wood makes it suitable for use across a whole spectrum of applications in the furniture industry, ranging from kitchens, bathrooms, offices, children's rooms to ready-to-assemble furniture, along with shop fittings and the audio & video sector. The following links prove that world renowned furniture manufacturers already use this innovative and eco-friendly technology.


Laptop computer table

Dining table

Conference table system

Powder coating in general

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TIGER Drylac® Wood benefits at a glance: 

  • Multitude of 3-D designs and shapes                                   
  • Seamless all around coating 
  • Multi faceted edge designs
  • Cost efficient
  • Fast color change
  • Environmental friendly, zero emissions
  • Wide range of colors and effects

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  • One-stop shop: Besides powder coating MS Macrolei now also offers inkjet printing on MDF.

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