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TIGER is green


We do our part to fight climate change by continuously reducing our energy consumption, using the energy we need as efficiently as possible, and focusing on renewable energies (solar energy, photovoltaics). As part of our energy management program, we balance all energy streams and try to consume less energy by simple measures such as timers, intelligent lighting systems and controls to more complex projects such as using ground water for cooling, or the reverse, using waste heat from the systems used for heating and hot water. We save energy so that we will never run out!


We are aware of our responsibility to the environment and act accordingly to protect nature and conserve its resources. The circulation principle used in powder coating yields a 98.5% utilization rate and we apply similar principles in our environmental policy at TIGER. Our commitment to minimizing the impact of our activities, products and services on the environment is reflected in our environmental management system, which has EN ISO 14001 certification. As part of our environmental management program, some of the projects we have implemented include the following:

  • Using processing heat for heating and hot water
  • Cooling with ground water
  • Consistently avoiding waste and recycling material
  • Collection and recovery of packaging through ARA AG
  • Purification of company's own waste water
  • Use of renewable energies
  • Focus on R&D area for energy-saving, low-temperature powder coatings
  • Not using harmful raw materials

We use the green TIGER label to highlight environmentally-friendly coating solutions that save energy and resources, e.g. powder coatings with anodizing effects, VOC-free MDF powder coatings or environmentally-friendly alternatives to conventional galvanized chrome-plating.

You can read a comprehensive documentation of our sustainability measures in the sustainability report.

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