TIGER quality management

Quality and environmental management

TIGER is committed to inspiring its customers each and every day, because:

  • It’s the TIGER customers who ultimately pay our TIGERs' salaries!
  • Satisfied customers always come back for more.
  • This is what makes TIGER a cut above the competition.
  • It’s not always the lowest price that counts: additional, unexpected services or a friendly voice on the phone also help to inspire TIGER customers.
  • Each and every TIGER is responsible for the quality of our TIGER products.


Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of our products, services and processes in an environment that guarantees compliance with the law and promotes integrity and teamwork, as well as to fulfill the requirements of our customers in the best way possible.

  • If you’re not moving ahead, you’re falling behind! This is why TIGER is committed to continuous improvement.
  • Compliance with the law and all other applicable requirements is the rule at TIGER.
  • Integrity = thinking and acting in line with our TIGER values.
  • Customers are not prepared to accept price hikes due to higher commodity prices and wages.
  • TIGER: The T is for teamwork.


The TIGER team takes care to provide a safe working environment for all our staff, and everyone takes personal responsibility.

  • Safety, including that of our colleagues, is EVERYONE’S business!
  • TIGERs never look the other way. They pay attention – to themselves and to others, and to the proper use of prescribed safety devices and personal protective gear.


Protecting the environment is a vital concern for TIGER. This is why we implement measures for increasing energy efficiency with reference to the requirements of ISO 50001.

TIGER is constantly on the lookout for ecological and economic solutions to protecting the environment and generating sustainable added value for all our stakeholders.


How each TIGER can contribute on a personal basis:

  • by protecting the environment and preventing pollution
  • by making our colleagues’ daily lives easier and more pleasant
  • by achieving sustainable earnings and thus securing our jobs





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