Our IT team has moved

The TIGER ICS team has grown from 20 to 60 people in the past 12 months and will continue to expand. Because the ICS building on the factory site was already bursting at the seams, our colleagues have found a new place to work in the Business and Innovation Center (BIZ) in Wels.

Digitization offers both opportunities and challenges as well as certain risks for a business. When more and more processes are digitalized or shifted to the cloud - for example by using video conferencing systems or working in a home office - numerous aspects of information security as well as data protection have to be considered.

"Reinforced by the Corona crisis, digital transformation is one of the most important strategic goals for TIGER," says Chief Information Officer Michael Leitner. "This has resulted in a wide range of IT-related projects that have exceeded the capacities of our preexisting ICS team. At the same time, our IT security demands have increased. We now employ several people who focus exclusively on cyber security."

"The world is benefiting from increased digital connectivity, but at the same time this is also increasing the risk of cyber attacks. Digitalization and information security are therefore inseparable and are constantly driving the growth of our team."

Michael Leitner - Chief Information Officer (CIO)

More staff - more space

In order to appropriately implement all these necessary projects and measures, TIGER decided to further expand its ICS unit. Within one year, our team has grown from 20 to almost 60 people in Wels and six more around the world - and the numbers are still rising.

"An increase in team size always requires more space. In our case there was far too little office area available at TIGER's factory premises, so we also had to look around" says Michael Leitner. Appropriate premises were found in the Business and Innovation Center (BIZ) in Wels and rented by TIGER for several years.

We are waiting for you!

Are you interested in IT, did you already gain first experiences and are you passionate about one of the following topics?

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Then you are in good hands at TIGER ICS. Apply today and become part of our growing team!

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