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My personal data is used to for carrying out my order. I agree that my personal data, including my name, the company name, address, phone number and E-Mail address, can be used for the purpose of receiving printed materials and color/paint information from the TIGER Coatings GmbH & Co.KG.

I further agree that my name, company name, my address, phone number and my e-mail address can be forwarded to the appropr. TIGER Global Distribution location in order to be processed.

  • TIGER Drylac JAPAN K.K. (Japan)
  • TIGER Drylac JAPAN K.K. Osaka office (Japan)
  • TIGER Drylac MALAYSIA Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
  • TIGER Coatings Belgium bvba, Kinrooi (Belgium)
  • TIGER S.A.R.L. (France)
  • TIGER Coatings UK LTD (UK)
  • TIGERLAKK Kft. (Hungary)
  • TIGER Drylac Italia s.r.l., Bergamo (Italien)
  • TIGER Coatings Poland SP.z o. o. (Poland)
  • TIGERLAK Slovakia spol.s r.o. (Slovakia)
  • TIGER Coatings Spain S.L., Castellon de la Plana (Spain)
  • TIGERLAK, s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
  • TIGER Coatings Turkey Boya Ticaret Limited Şirketi (Turkey)
  • TIGER Coatings Egypt (LTD) (Egypt)
  • TIGER New Surface Materials (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd. (China)
  • TIGER New Surface Materials (Qingyuan) Co.,Ltd. (China)
  • TIGER New Surface Materials (Chengdu) Co.,Ltd. (China)
  • TIGER Drylac Vietnam Co. Ltd. (Vietnam)
  • TIGER Drylac Canada Inc. (Canada)
  • TIGER Drylac Mexico S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
  • TIGER Drylac Mexico S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)
  • TIGER Drylac U.S.A., Inc. West (USA)
  • TIGER Drylac U.S.A., Inc. Midwest (USA)
  • FERRO Industrial Products (PTY) LTD (South Africa)
  • Berger Paints India Ltd (India)
  • Vigorousport Int. Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • ODO <<Tehnocolor>> Minsk (Belarus)
  • KLIO d.o.o. (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • Deyacolor LTD (Bulgaria)
  • Klio d.o.o. (Croatia)
  • KLIO NS d.o.o. (Serbia & Montenegro)
  • T-Lotus d.o.o. (Slovenia)
  • Leocolor Industry GmbH (Ukraine
  • DKF KLOZ GmbH (Germany)
  • DKF Klotz GbmH (Germany)
  • Jochen Hänel Handelsvertretung (Germany)
  • Boris Herrmann Handeslvertretung (Germany)
  • Thomas Leitzke (Germany)

I acknowledge that in non-member states of the European Union a lower data-protection standard may prevail than in the EU.

I am aware that due to the 2000 Austrian Data Protection Law, I have especially the right to be informed at all times of which data is processed and used, to update the data, change, delete, object to the processing of the data and to be able to revoke my agreement to further processing of my data at all times. I can declare my revocation of the agreement at all times in writing per letter or E-Mail to the TIGER Coatings GmbH & Co. KG., Negrellistrasse 36, 4600 Wels, Austria, respectively,

I acknowledge that this declaration is subject to Austrian Law.


I acknowledge that the dispatch and receiving of information material, CD-ROMs, manuals, Product Data Sheets, etc. is free of charge and the dispatch costs are borne by TIGER Coatings GmbH & Co. KG. and the enterprises of TIGER Coatings and distribution network thus in accord with Austrian law assume no responsibility for guarantee and liability in respect of the dispatched materials. Through the request for dispatch, I hereby agree to the application of Austrian Law and the above given non-liability clause. 

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