TIGER Drylac® 3D Metallics

Until now, one-coat powder coatings could not match the visual performance provided by liquid effect paints. However, TIGER is now opening completely new spheres with its TIGER Drylac® 3D Metallic products: the coating features a breathtaking, wet paint-like 3D effect with stunning depth, spatial clarity and unsurpassed brightness – still visible at a considerable distance and from different perspectives.

With TIGER Drylac® 3D Metallics, many areas of industrial surface finishing may now draw on the “green” technology of powder coating and move away from solvent-based wet paints. TIGER Drylac® 3D Metallics are subject to the strict quality and test regulations of GSB International and QUALICOAT and available in Series 68 superdurable quality.

    • Liquid paint-like 3D effects in one-coat 
    • Effects visible from all angles of observation 
    • Brilliant and bright effects 
    • New design effects for architects 
    • For multi-coater projects 
    • Easy-to-apply – minimal equipment influence 
    • Considerable reduction of rework  
    • Very good batch consistency


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Get inspired: TIGER Drylac® 3D Metallics Video