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Taking responsibility for all our actions

The green gene has always been an integral part of TIGER’s DNA, and our company’s clear path towards a sustainable future has been marked by the development of the many prominent milestones in our product range – for more than 90 years now:

  • Environmentally friendly powder coatings
  • Water-based digital inks
  • Thermoset materials for 3D printing (additive manufacturing)

Our closed-loop processes and resource-efficient use of energy and materials are consistently outlined in TIGER’s environmental policy.

We source our electricity solely from renewable energy sources and already cover two percent of our total electricity consumption with our own 330 kWp photovoltaic system. In cooperation with the climate protection consulting agency ClimatePartner, we have recorded the greenhouse gas emissions generated by our activities at the Wels site, mainly from gas consumption for the production of synthetic resins, and used them to calculate our carbon footprint. We have fully offset these emissions by funding a certified climate protection project in Asia. TIGER’s production operations at its parent plant in Austria are thus climate neutral.

What exactly does climate neutral mean?

Companies may call themselves and their products and services climate neutral if their carbon footprint has been calculated and offset by the purchase of emissions certificates from recognized climate protection projects. TIGER offsets its greenhouse gas emissions by funding a large wind farm project in Guyuan, China. We made a conscious decision to sponsor this project because three of our own production sites are located in China.

Wind energy in Guyuan

A wind farm in the Chinese province of Hebei, south of the city of Guyuan, was built in 2008 to ensure a climate-friendly power supply for the region. 133 turbines with a capacity of 1.5 MW each generate an average of 405,685 MWh of electricity per year at the site, reducing the annual volume of CO2 emissions by 530,000 metric tons.

TIGER’s financial support of this wind farm enables it to offset a total of 1,717,300 kg of CO2.

More information on this climate protection project is available here​​​​​​​.​​​​​​

Our contribution towards a better world

Years ago, TIGER resolved to take a systematic approach to making a valuable contribution to sustainability, and introduced an integrated management system. Its effectiveness in terms of quality (ISO 9001, IATF 16949) and the environment (ISO 14001) is audited and certified annually by independent bodies. This allows TIGER to systematically manage sustainable improvements in its environmental protection and energy consumption and represents a valuable contribution towards creating a climate neutral economy.

In the context of these audits, TIGER has already successfully implemented the following projects to reduce its environmental impacts:

  • Electricity sourced from 100 percent renewable energy sources
  • CO2 emissions offset by the purchase of environmental certificates
  • Use of process heat for heating and hot water
  • Groundwater used for cooling
  • Recycling of materials and consistent avoidance of waste
  • Removal of packaging obligations at ARA AG
  • In-house wastewater treatment
  • Focusing TIGER R&D activities on the development of energy-saving low-temperature powder coatings
  • No harmful raw materials used

Would you like to find out more?

The TIGER Sustainability Report ​​​​​​​offers further information on corporate responsibility at TIGER.

Energy use – efficient and effective

We save energy to make sure we never run out!

TIGER’s contributions to protecting the climate include constantly reducing our energy requirements, using energy as efficiently as possible, and giving preference to renewable energy sources such as solar power and photovoltaics.

Our energy management system analyzes all of our company’s energy flows and helps us optimize our energy consumption. We achieve this by implementing both simple measures, such as converting our facilities to LED lighting with intelligent control, and complex projects, such as using groundwater for cooling and – conversely – using waste heat from our machines for heating and hot water.

One example:
The Gemba Support Center (GSC), an office building built at the Wels site in 2018, has underfloor heating powered by a water-to-water heat pump. The heat source is the cooling basin of the TIGER powder coating production facilities. The consistently high temperature levels in this basin (19 °C) enable us to achieve a coefficient of performance (COP) of over 6. In comparison, conventional heat pumps achieve a COP of around 4, which means that four units of heat are generated for every unit of energy.

TIGER uses this technology to heat the entire four-story GSC and saves approximately 125,000 kWh per year in heating and 135,000 kWh in cooling. The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. More information can be found at www.efre.gv.at​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

Further information on TIGER’s energy efficiency activities may be found in a case study ​​​​​​​published by the OÖ Energiesparverband (Upper Austrian Energy Saving Association).

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