TIGITAL® inks & powders

TIGITAL® - Digital inks and powders for industrial printing systems

TIGITAL® specialises in highly durable, innovative digital ink and digital powder solutions for industrial print systems for both interior or exterior applications (Chematronix® solutions), providing added value to our customers.

TIGITAL® Inks, we produce jettable Primers, UV-curable inks, water-based inks, special solvent inks and top coats (jettable varnish). TIGER develops these inks for printer manufacturers and system integrators specializing in the engineering of industrial printing solutions. Together with these OEM & integrators partners, we are able to tailor our inks (Technical Performance) to the very special requirements of our industrial end customers ("Chematronix® solutions").  TIGITAL® high performance inks offer industry leading abrasion, chemical, moisture and UV resistance for the most demanding industrial print applications.   

TIGITAL® Digital Powders, we produce Durable Digital Powders (with Powder Coatings properties) and use them to print on transfer foils and papers to customers’ requirements. Our customers are then able to apply those printed transfer foils onto the final products themselves (Chematronix® solutions).

The greatest advantages of digital printing technology lie in the flexibility of production, the customization options and the ability to inexpensively refine even short runs. Digital printing can be used to refine and increase the value of standard products with colored designs or flexible information (such as logos, QR codes,…). This innovation provides added value and competitive differentiation to our customers.

For further information please contact our TIGITAL® Team at tigital(at)tigital.com​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​!

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