In powder coating, pre-treatment refers to preparation process of the substrate prior to the application of powder. The goal of the pre-treatment process is for the user to properly prepare the substrate for the application of powder coating. The… more

Powder coating is sustainable. This statement is largely based on the composition and production process of the powder coatings themselves - but coaters can also do something for the environment! more

UL Approval is an accreditation a company receives from the Underwriter’s Laboratories Solutions (UL) after passing testing, inspection, and certification in compliance with safety standards. The UL strives for the highest safety,… more

Outside appearance is directly associated with product quality. Decoratively finished workpieces should therefore look like new for as long as possible. This places a large number of demands on the coating: among other things, it must offer… more

Surface finishing is what gives workpieces their unique visual properties. Typically, these surface finishes will offer some functional surface protection to the workpiece as well. Coaters often must choose between two established coating systems:… more

Recently (February 2022) the United States Army released its first ever climate strategy, signaling a monumental shift in environmental culture at The Pentagon. While budgets have yet to be agreed upon, the established goals are aggressive – plans… more

Powder coaters have heard a lot of news concerning TGIC over the years. Several years ago, TGIC was placed on the state of California’s Proposition 65 watch list, but no regulations regarding its use exist in California or any other state (yet). This… more

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