Many forklifts are used in dry, protected environments. Other times, they are exposed to salts or other harsh chemicals made or used in the production process. Fortunately, powder coatings can be used to extend equipment service life and save on… more

Scratches are thin shallow cuts or marks made using a pointed or sharp object on the surface. Marring is related to physical deformation or markings left on a relatively large area of the surface of a coating from rubbing, but usually does not… more

Sabine Hochmayr has been with TIGER for a year now. In her free time, the ultra runner competes in races lasting up to 48 hours. The "lone fighter" can also use her mentality as a strength at TIGER. In intralogistics, it is her job to ensure that… more

We know that the automotive market requires accuracy and precision on a global level. TIGER Drylac has production facilities and R&D centers in North America, Europe and China. This allows us to internationally transfer products and projects very… more

Glitters are transparent/clear topcoat products with 'glitter' flakes imbedded right into the topcoat. These can be applied over any color basecoat to provide a huge range of sparkling metallic effects. more

When choosing a powder coating product for your specification, it is always a good idea to look at stock products first. Why? more

Chemical pretreatment, on the other hand, is non-negotiable. The number of stages and types ofchemicals may vary from project to project, but all ACE parts rely heavily on pretreatment to staveoff corrosion and promote adhesion. There’s no way… more

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