If TIGER customers have a request, one team is always there for them - our customer service team. But what exactly do they do? Our customer service team takes care of day-to-day communication with customers. From the initial contact to coordinating… more

The chemical composition of graffiti paints allows the substance to penetrate deep into the underlying layers of paint. This makes subsequent cleaning all the more difficult. Special cleaning agents sold as graffiti removers may provide a solution,… more

The TIGER ICS team has grown from 20 to 60 people in the past 12 months and will continue to expand. Because the ICS building on the factory site was already bursting at the seams, our colleagues have found a new place to work in the Business and… more

Show off your creativity with special effect powder coatings. There are a wide variety of types to choose from and they each have their own looks. more

Hybrid or epoxy-based powder coatings are designed for adhesion, chemical and corrosion resistance, but are not recommended for exterior, open-air environments. Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause them to fade, chalk or degrade on the surface… more

There are additional advantages to textured finishes, primarily the ability to mask surface imperfections on the substrate. A good example where this may be required is where machining and grinding marks are left behind during metal forming. The… more

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