TIGER offers surface finishing solutions for Agriculture, Construction, and Earth Moving Equipment (ACE), mining equipment, forestry equipment, heavy trucks, trailers, lawn mowers, snowplows, forklifts and more. Our powder coating range is globally… more

There are a wide variety of powder coating technologies used in many different industries. Coaters that are dealing with products that come in contact with electricity such as electrical cabinets, electrical housings, wire harnesses and computers… more

At TIGER, we say "Yes!" - and have created our own leadership concept that benefits (not only) mothers in leadership positions. Our colleagues Nora and Sibylle work in a so-called "dual leadership" and shared their experiences with us in an… more

Applying powder coatings to automotive trim pieces (especially roof racks and running boards) can be a difficult task at times. Therefore, we wanted to outline some tips and tricks that powder coaters may find helpful during the application process. more

TIGER Drylac Dormant Transparent powder coatings are a great solution for rich, deep colors. This 2-coat system combined with a Clear topcoat “wakes up” the Dormant powder to produce amazing sparkling effects. more

With the surface finish, you give your device the final touch - of course, you want to make use of the best selection. For this reason, the color scheme of the models in particular is considered very carefully every year and coordinated with the… more

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