Quality Standards & Product Series

Quality Standards

Internationally defined quality standards for industrial surface finishing powder coatings are an important tool in ensuring product selection reliability in the “architecture” value chain, especially for projects that involve more than one country. Our quality assurance is carried out by multiple quality associations in accordance with international guidelines, and our products have been awarded the requisite certificates and/or seals. You can find an overview of all certificates​​​​​​​ here​​​​​​​.

TIGER powder coatings, which are used in building projects and the facade industry, meet the strict requirements of the following quality organizations:


    QUALICOAT​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ defines comprehensive quality requirements for coatings on aluminum and aluminum alloys for architectural applications. It has a network of international companies licensed to monitor compliance all around the world. The QUALICOAT quality label is awarded to coating solutions manufacturers as well as coating companies. Customers can thus be sure that they are buying a high-quality product with long-term value retention. 


    The international quality association GSB​​​​​​​ awards graded quality seals to coaters, coating materials and pretreatment chemicals. Its strict guidelines, which are monitored via regular inspections, apply to the surface finishing of components made from aluminum and aluminum alloys and provide architects, construction companies and clients with the guarantee that their coated materials are safe and of the highest quality.

  • AAMA

    The American Architectural Manufacturers Association​​​​​​​ sets quality standards for door, window and facade industry suppliers, including manufacturers of powder coatings. High-performance coating solutions that have been approved according to AAMA standards help provide customers in the architectural sector with a sense of security in selecting their product.


TIGER powder coatings open up a wealth of creative new possibilities in surface finishing for steel, aluminum, MDF, galvanized materials, glass, ceramics, and heat-resistant and glass-fiber reinforced plastics. While protection from corrosion and resistance to UV light and weather exposure are less important for indoor applications, these requirements are the gold standard for outdoor coatings that are fully exposed to the elements.

Weather-resistant and UV-protective coatings certified by GSB, QUALICOAT or AAMA are used to protect buildings, facades and window frames from rapid aging and premature chalking. They protect surfaces from the sun, wind and weather and keep colors and effects bright and shiny for many years to come – all over the world and with just one coat.

  • Durable

    Powder coatings classed as durable meet the quality requirements of GSB International and QUALICOAT. They are optimized for one year of South Florida weather exposure and are highly resistant to weather, UV light and corrosion.

  • Super Durable

    Facade-quality super durable powder coatings are designed for three years of South Florida weather exposure and meet the strict quality regulations of GSB International and/or QUALICOAT. The long-lasting product concept, which guarantees high abrasion resistance and maximum weather, UV and corrosion stability, is designed to preserve the value of properties over the long term.

  • Hyper Durable

    Hyper durable powder coatings for application on facades and window frames meet the requirements of AAMA 2605 and offer even better UV protection and weather resistance properties than super durable products. After 10 years of weather exposure in South Florida, the residual gloss of these powder coatings is still ≥ 50 percent of the original gloss.

TIGER DRYLAC® Powder Coating Products

TIGER powder coatings are manufactured in Austria. Our production plant is certified in accordance with the automotive standards IATF 16949 and ISO 9001. Our products meet the strict requirements of guideline no. 10 of the German Paint and Printing Ink Association (Verband der deutschen Lack- und Druckfarbenindustrie or VdL) and guarantee excellent batch and color consistency.   

The TIGER Drylac® ​​​​​​​standard range​​​​​​​ comprises over 1,500 stock products. It features a rich, nuanced color palette with a wide selection of special effects, all available in multiple gloss degrees and surface textures. It includes standardized color and metallic shades, spectacular 3D metallic effects, elegant flat matte finishes and sophisticated anodized colors. The TIGER R&D Center will also be happy to develop individual product solutions for you.

The following TIGER Drylac® product series are available to help you give your project the perfect finish:

  • Durable Powder Coatings

    TIGER Drylac® Series 29​​​​​​​ | Series 14​​​​​​​
    The classic product for the coating industry’s crowning discipline: TIGER Drylac® Series 29 and 14 can be used for high-quality decorative finishes on profiles and sheets for facades. A single coat is enough to create durable, weatherproof surfaces for commercial and private residential construction in Europe’s temperate zones.

    TIGER powder coatings in this product category are suitable for use on aluminum, steel and galvanized steel. They meet the strict quality requirements of GSB International and QUALICOAT and are optimized for one year of South Florida weather exposure.

    TIGER Drylac® Series 29 and 14 are available from stock at any time in a variety of gloss degrees (glossy | semi gloss | matte) and stunning surface effects (metallic effects | fine structure | antique).

  • Super Durable Powder Coatings

    TIGER Drylac® Series 68​​​​​​​
    This product line reflects the high standards imposed by the architectural and facade industry on the performance of building envelopes across the globe. Designed for urban buildings that are both aesthetically appealing and made to last, the product is geared towards architects and engineers alike.

    TIGER Drylac® Series 68 can be applied in a single coat on aluminum, steel and galvanized steel. These powder coatings meet the high quality requirements of GSB International and/or QUALICOAT and are designed for three years of South Florida weather exposure.

    TIGER has expanded its palette of exclusive color shades in multiple gloss degrees (semi gloss | matte) and sparkling metallic finishes by adding breathtaking 3D metallic effects with the same brilliant shine as wet coatings. The extensive range of this innovative product line is rounded off by flat matte surfaces with a velvety soft feel and elegant anodized effects.

    TIGER Drylac® Series 68 is available from stock at any time.

  • Hyper Durable Powder Coatings

    TIGER Drylac® Series 75
    Developed for monumental structures and complex infrastructural facilities in every climate zone, this powder coating from TIGER represents the gold standard in surface finishing: hyper durable surface quality and maximum weather resistance for landmark buildings.

    TIGER Drylac® Series 75 is applied in a single coat in a closed in-house process and may only be applied by certified users. We are naturally fully committed to observing top quality and safety standards in metal processing and powder application. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, the product is optimized for ten years of South Florida weather exposure in accordance with the specifications of AAMA 2605.

    This hyper durable powder coating from TIGER is available in a selection of colors and effects in a matte gloss finish, fully customized for the building in question.

  • Powder Coatings for Outdoor Industrial Applications and Steel Construction

    TIGER Drylac® Series 59​​​​​​​

    The classic universal product for all outdoor applications (except for facade and window elements) that are exposed to the elements. This powder coating provides the perfect finish for sporting equipment, camping gear and garden furniture, resulting in a high-quality, decorative and above all safe finish.

    The single-coat process produces weatherproof surfaces for all common industrial applications (with the exception of facades and the architectural industry). If in doubt, please use a weatherproof universal polyester product.

    TIGER Drylac® Series 59 is available from stock at any time in two different gloss degrees (glossy | matte) and a variety of stunning surface effects (metallic effects | transparent | clear coat).

  • Powder Coatings for Interiors

    TIGER Drylac® Series 09​​​​​​​

    The unbeatable combination at the heart of this “hybrid powder coating” (polyester resin combined with epoxy resin) can be used for decorative interior applications everywhere, thanks to its optimized flow and mechanical properties.

    Available from stock in glossy, matte or rough texture matte surfaces, in hammertone, antique or metallic, the range of applications for this TIGER powder coating extends from interior design, office and school furniture, trade fair design, machine construction and shop fitting to radiators, cladding elements and ceiling panels.

    TIGER Drylac® Series 89​​​​​​​

    This is a tried and tested hybrid technology consisting of a polyester and epoxy resin blend. Applying this coating generates a lower than average carbon footprint, thanks to the low cure temperature window.

    TIGER Drylac® Series 89 provides the perfect decorative surface finish to basic applications in trade fair design, machine construction, shop fitting and thermally sensitive interior components. The standard range of this powder coating spans glossy, semi gloss and rough texture glossy surfaces, through to sophisticated metallic finishes.

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