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General Industry

Powder Coating for General Industry

The demand for optimum powder coating solutions for use in general industry is constantly increasing. Requirements for this sector include a highly economical and environmentally friendly product, specific associated chemical and physical characteristics and a wide range of color and surface effects, with growing demand for highly durable surfaces. TIGER’s diverse range of powder coatings meet these requirements in every respect.

Special coatings such as the TIGER-SHIELD duplex coating for heavy-duty corrosion protection, anti-graffiti coatings, thin-film powders, conductive powder coatings and edge-resistant flexible powder coatings complete the TIGER Drylac® product range.

Powder coating for general industry

Coatings used in general industry applications such as machine manufacture and housing construction, shelving and storage solutions, deep-freeze appliances, heating and climate control facilities, fences, railings, mountings and handles are constantly exposed to stress.

This is the perfect situation for high-quality “made by TIGER” powder coating system solutions. Our coatings feature outstanding levels of protection, functionality and supremely impressive looks in situations where corrosion resistance, precise layer thickness, non-discoloration and many years of gloss retention are required.

Discover over 1,500 colors, effects and textures in our online color palette and find the perfect TIGER Drylac® powder coating for your products.

Do you need a custom product? Please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements!

Powder coating for IT, teletronics & gaming

For a long time, the genesis of technology was solely determined by functionality. Design, surface and color characteristics had little relevance to electronic devices.

But times have changed, and we are changing with them. In the 21st century, electronics manufacturers are focusing on quality visual appearance as well as high technological performance. Individual design is a mark of difference on the market and helps to generate long-term brand loyalty.

TIGER Drylac® powder coatings guarantee high-quality, sturdy surfaces that harmoniously underscore the structural design of computer cases, gaming consoles and electronic devices.

To guarantee the perfect finish for your product, we offer a range of over 1,500 brilliant off-the-shelf colors and effects. The TIGER research and development team welcomes special individual requests.

We look forward to your enquiry!

Powder coating for appliances

As we know, “form follows function”, and so household appliances need one key characteristic: the ability to do their job reliably for many years. That’s why washing machines, driers, dishwashers, built-in ovens and microwaves are primarily characterized by their efficiency, consistent technology and durable surfaces. 

These days, interior design is gaining significance and kitchens are opening out into living spaces, which means aesthetic appearance is an increasingly important feature of household appliances. A harmonious combination of functionality, quality and visual appearance is essential if the stove and oven are to feature as central elements of a show-cooking evening.

TIGER supports this trend with high-quality coating solutions designed to provide the ideal finish to household appliances, perfecting appearance as well as offering protection from mechanical influences, UV radiation and rust. Our TIGER Drylac® standard range includes over 1,500 brilliant colors, impressive (metallic) effects and numerous texture options, providing a personalized look for your white goods.

Our R&D team are always happy to develop custom products for your individual requirements.

We look forward to your enquiry!

Powder coating for cans & tubes

The major goal of the EU is to see Europe become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. TIGER is implementing a number of environmental measures as we follow the roadmap of the “Green Deal”, and our Wels production facility is already a CO2-neutral operation.

The powder coating option as an environmentally friendly alternative to liquid paints containing solvents for the interior of aluminum aerosol cans is setting a new standard on the road to a green future. This development is significantly reducing the ecological footprint of the can and tube industry.

TIGER Drylac® Can Coatings tick all the boxes for the internal coating of monoblock aluminum aerosol cans. This solution is a thin-film application featuring high chemical resistance, elasticity and durability, flexible coating options and superior cost efficiency.

We will be happy to support you through the process of converting your production to this green powder coating technology and adapt our Can Coating products as necessary to your individual requirements.

Take advantage of our expert knowledge here at TIGER, and send us your enquiry​​​​​​​ now!

Powder coating for sports & leisure

Sporting and leisure equipment needs to be as dynamic as its users, ready for any adventure. Users expect top performance in wet, hot and dry conditions and even when covered in mud, dust and salt. Bikes, fitness apparatus, scooters and the like require sturdy coatings that reflect the spirit of the brand as well as being suitable for use in adverse environmental conditions.

With over 1,500 powder coating options in the standard range and countless metallic and special effects, TIGER can offer the perfect accent for the sport and leisure sector. The results are impressive. Bicycles, sports and leisure equipment finished with TIGER Drylac® products (in combination with appropriate pre-treatment) have all the abrasion resistance, UV and corrosion protection they need.

Our TIGER Drylac® Sports and Leisure colors are inspired by the latest trends to suit fashionable consumers with sustainability in mind. Powder coatings are the perfect solvent-free alternative to liquid paints, giving the best results with a single-layer application. The range offers countless combinations of colors and effects to engage emotion and generate brand loyalty.

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