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Because corrosion is not a major risk in interior areas, the working materials are frequently steel or steel tubing and black plates. Higher demands in this regard are met by using the properly pre-treated galvanized steel or aluminum. TIGER Drylac® powder coatings are used as primers for corrosion protection or as single-coat colors and effects on smooth, textured or metallic surfaces. TIGER Drylac® powder coatings are available directly from stock in more than 1,200 colors and effects improve the material resistance for the long term; they also provide a variety of design options, including surface effects such as gold or silver metallics, antique and antico effects, as well as rough and fine textures.

TIGER Drylac® powder coatings offer innovative surface finishes of the highest quality. The result is an intentional differentiation through color and effect, which highlights the uniqueness of the coated product and significantly increases its recognition value.

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