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The demands made of organisations by all interested parties are becoming more complex all the time. An ‘interested party’ is understood as being any person or group having an interest in the performance or the success of a organisation, such as its customers, owners, employees, suppliers, bankers, associations, partners or society at large. This trend goes hand-in-hand with constant tightening of the applicable laws, rules and statutory requirements.

Existing management systems, most of which have evolved out of quality management systems, soon reach their limits here. Among the typical consequences of this development are increased uncertainty for employees and managers, higher costs for errors and complaints, and the risk of acquiring a bad reputation on the market.

The basic idea behind an Integrated Management System (IMS) is to merge several different management systems (quality, environment, social, safety etc.) into one single system with the aim of integrating the requirements of the various separate fields into a uniform overarching structure. By exploiting synergies and pooling resources, lean and efficient management of the organisation becomes feasible.

We would be pleased to help you adapt your existing systems or implement a new Integrated Management System.

Here are the main thrusts of our consulting and support work:

  • From the Vision & Mission to the Strategy
  • Identifying processes for attaining strategic goals
  • Living out process management in practice
  • Validating production processes and methods
  • Managing projects & programs successfully
  • "No risk – no fun" versus "Controlled risk – more fun" – the benefits of business risk & continuity management for your company
  • Courses and training sessions
  • Conducting/mentoring internal audits and supplier audits
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