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License agreements for the production of TIGER Drylac® powder coatings

At the discretion of TIGER, the Licensor, and within regional limits, Know-How License Agreements are granted to Licensee to use the know-how for the manufacture of synthetic „TIGER Drylac®" Powder Coatings.

Know-how means TIGER’s proprietary technical information relating to the manufacture, formulation and application of powder coating products, including but not limited to the selection of suitable raw materials and their equivalents, methods of formulating, testing and manufacturing powder coatings including the selection of suitable process equipment, process controls and associated operating conditions, information relating to the application and transfer efficiency of such powder coating products, information with regard to quality and quality assistance, opportunities for advantageous and cost effective procurement of raw materials, marketing support with regard to data sheets and material safety data, and operational benchmark statistics.

Price dependent upon scope and request.

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