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Seminars @TIGER


  • Basics of powder-coating production
    Formulation, initial weighing, mixing, extrusion, all the way through to the coated object
  • Testing and measuring
    Colouristic evaluation, tests on the powder, final testing, weathering and corrosion tests
    Goals: to reduce reject-rate and ensure compliance with GSB and Qualicoat guidelines
  • Pre-treatment
    Alternatives to conventional methods
  • Troubleshooting
    Practical tips on how to detect and prevent errors; curing-oven measurements
  • Metallic and special effects
    Application of metallic effects, metallic categories, innovations

€ 275 each

seminar@TIGER INDIVIDUAL / ATG seminar

The course contents will be jointly defined by you and TIGER, and tailored to your individual requirements and questions.


Price according to agreement

Seminars @CUSTOMER'S

Applications technology
This training seminar is held on the customer’s premises and beside the coating line. In it, frequently asked questions are discussed, solved in practice, and enriched with theoretical background knowledge. The learning goals of this employee training course are to save time through process optimisation, and to reduce downtimes and reject rates.


€ 1.050 / working day

Sales and marketing seminar
Successful sales work begins with the customer, by asking the right questions and listening carefully so as to recognise what their real needs are. When your marketing operation is equipped with the very best sales tools, it can create the necessary preconditions for successful selling. Marketing is in charge of implementing the 4 + 4 P’s and a tightly focused customer segmentation system.


€ 1.050 / working day

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