New TGIC-Free Powder Coatings

TIGER Drylac® introduces a new line of TGIC-Free products with flex cure. Series 138 and Series 149 are TGIC-Free formulations replacing TIGER Series 038 & Series 049.

TIGER TGIC-Free Polyester compared with TGIC Polyester Formulations

TIGER TGIC-Free powder coatings provide cost-saving benefits to finishers by offering superior first-pass transfer efficiencies. This means more powder transferring to the part and less going into the recovery system.

  • TIGER proprietary formulation
  • HAA (Primid) cross-linker replacing TGIC cross-linker
  • Improved transfer efficiencies and resulting cost savings
  • Curing time is as low as 5 min / 200° C, 392° F
  • Improved penetration into faraday cage areas
  • Consistent batch-to-batch finish
  • Smoother surfaces

Color, finish and main product features will remain the same from previous TIGER Polyester TGIC Series 038 & 049, which will be discontinued at depletion of inventory.

TIGER Series 138:

  • Super Durable Polyester formulation
  • Replaces Series 038
  • AAMA 2604 Compliant

TIGER Series 149:

  • Standard Polyester formulation
  • Replaces Series 049
  • AAMA 2603 Compliant

TGIC-Free Powder Application Tips:

  • Do Not Mix TGIC and TGIC-Free powder
  • Thoroughly clean your powder coating system when changing over, similar to how you would do a color change
  • Pay close attention to the new Curing window and do not overbake
  • Adjust gun settings for the fast-charging TGIC-Free formulation

Product Data Sheets:

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  • Canada
  • Mexico ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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