TIGER Drylac Introduces Online Webshop

[February 1, 2022] TIGER Drylac® has a developed a new exclusive ecommerce Webshop for its line of powder coating products – now available to US customers. TIGER continues to innovate in digitalization of traditional business applications to inspire architects, designers, manufacturers, and custom coaters.

What is different about TIGER’s Webshop?

In addition to 24/7/365 ordering, TIGER customer accounts have access to order options in various packaging combinations. The shopper is presented with a mix of Full Boxes (20kg), ½ boxes (10kg) or Mini-Pack (2.5kg) with a pricing comparison so they can choose the best option. A 3-light inventory system will signal the shopper regarding inventory position, so delivery expectations are clear before ordering. “Digitalization is part of a mission to make TIGER Drylac easy to do business with” explained Dan Simovic, Co-CEO of TIGER Drylac North America. “Our customer feedback told us that our order process should be updated, so we went to work on our Webshop.”

Other Webshop Features:

  • Images/video clips of all TIGER Drylac standard stock products
  • Order information, like Product ID, description
  • Sample Orders (no charge)
  • 3 different view options to select colours
  • Filter products by Product ID, TIGER Series, Colour Card, Applications, Effects and more…
  • Secure login for TIGER accounts:
    • Stock status
    • Order configurator (different packaging options for your shipment)
    • Pricing (includes freight & tax)

Note: A TIGER account is required to access the Webshop. All active TIGER accounts are pre-registered and will be sent an email to confirm the online account.

About TIGER Drylac North America

TIGER Drylac is the North American operating division of TIGER Coatings GmbH & Co KG in Wels, Austria. TIGER Drylac powder coating manufacturing facilities are in the US, Canada and Mexico and an extensive distribution network allows TIGER to lead the industry in stock powder coating products and service. TIGER Drylac serves various market segments including Architecture, Automotive, Job Shops, General Industry, Agricultural & Construction Equipment, Aerospace & Defense and Furniture manufacturing. For additional information, please contact us at www.tiger-coatings.com.


Media Contact (North America):

John Vukanovich. Marketing Manager – North America

Email: tigermarketing(at)tiger-coatings.com | Phone: 1 (800) 243-8148

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