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Optimum product and service solutions, in the shortest time-to-customer, are TIGER's top priority. TIGER exploits the high speed of our internal and external logistics to give you the head-start that you need. This is why all orders pass through our fully integrated materials-management and in-house logistics system in the shortest possible process lead-time, following a uniform, TIGER-developed standard.

We work from 50 bases worldwide, in the form of production facilities, warehouses, sales offices or distributors, meaning that TIGER is never far from where you are. 

TIGER Sales Team will be pleased to advise you on the best type of contract  (e.g. blanket order or warehouse agreement) to provide you availability with the optimum balance between volume and price.

Central TIGER Logistics Centre (TLC) in Europe
Central daily shipments from the industry’s biggest single-location central warehouse, in defined timeframes. 

Decentralised satellite warehouses on 5 continents
Daily shipments from decentralized warehouses as per TIGER's current distribution network in Europe and MENA, NAFTA, South America, China & Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Packaging in special-sized units
Non-standard packaging of product in special packaging such as bulk bags or drums for continuous powder-feed as per individual customer set-up.

Consignment inventory
Intended for consumers of high-volume items who value the security of having a local physical stock and only having to make payments when goods are actually withdrawn from the inventory. In situations such as this, TIGER will also clarify questions regarding warehousing conditions and the insurance.

Master agreements (contracts)
An agreement which is limited in terms of duration and volumes and is available to various pre-determined recipients over a prolonged period of time. This ensures seamless availability and price uniformity.

Delivery schedule
A limited master agreement that is only available to one customer, with all the advantages of a master agreement: flexibility, price guarantee, and the certainty of being able to withdraw goods whenever needed.

Warehousing agreement
This is concluded for a certain quantity, with a defined minimum stock level and replacement production quantity, to permit continuous provisioning of one or more recipients with both special and standard products.

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