Thermosets are polymers which are produced by curing reactive resins.
Thermoset polymers can withstand higher temperatures without losing their structural integrity and exhibit excellent mechanical and chemical properties due to the high cross-linking density of the thermoset polymers.

The benefits of thermoset materials are evident in many industries including the new TIGITAL®’s thermoset materials are printable on all SLS 3D-printer open platforms with process temperatures below 75°C.  Our material supports your processes, as the low printing temperature allows you to cut process times, which reduces costs, increases production efficiency and results in a more environmentally friendly solution. Due to the characteristics of the material your functional parts and products are smoother, have isotropic mechanical properties and electrical insulating capabilities, that open up unequalled paths for your industry.

Parts that are printed with TIGITAL®’s thermoset materials in an SLS process allow you to print stable, high quality parts with a shrinkage < 1%. The flame retardant properties of our materials can be adjusted up to UL94 V0. TIGITAL ®3D-SET​​​​​​​ materials, Thermosets are also available for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

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