We live our values

TIGER Core Values



We appreciate each other. We appreciate our wonderful cultural diversity. Our different viewpoints. Our differences in opinion – and have learned that even on that level we can come to an agreement: we agree to disagree. And we appreciate that in our core we are all the same. We are all one.



Courage is an attitude required to go “non-routine ways”. To sail into “blue oceans”.To have the courage to burn old bridges behind us and to find the strength to buildnew ones ahead of us.
Courage helps to go through fear. A little boy woke up every night from a nightmarewhere he was chased by a huge TIGER and just as the TIGER was catching upand about to jump at him he woke up terrified and crying. His parents were desperateas any kind of talk or medicine did not help at all. Finally they went to see theold shaman who sat the boy right next to him and asked to tell him the recurringdream. After the boy had finished the shaman bent down and whispered a fewwords in the boys ear. The following night and the nights after that the boy sleptthrough. His parents were very happy and asked the boy “What did the Shamantell you? How did he make the fear go away ?” and the little boy answered “Hetold me: Let the TIGER eat you up!”


Openness for us has two dimensions: TALKING and LISTENING. We TALK open and honestly to each other and we LISTEN carefully with an unconditioned mind.
Talking honestly for us means: “We put the Fish on the Tisch (Table) ! – That means if there is something that does not sit right we do not cover that up because it is inconvenient to address it – we put it right in the center of our agenda – and table – with courage to look at it – even if it has a fishy taste to it.
We say what we think and we do what we say. That makes us authentic and trustworthy persons.
Speaking our minds and walking our talk makes us reliable leaders.
Talking honestly is well phrased by Jack Welch’s one word answer to GE’s global success: CANDOR!
Listening as second dimension of openness means we are open for the other person viewpoint. We have learned that listening means much more than just letting the other person finish the sentence. Deep Listening means to do so without any prejudice or preconditioning. Listening for us has become so important that we have created an own document for it - TIGER in Dialog.



Enzo Ferrari defined his success by two virtues: Passione e Potenza – Passion and Power for what we are doing. Our passion can be felt everywhere. There is not muchmore that needs to be explained. Just go out there and feel the TIGER Power!


What is the fine but important line between accepting somebody or respecting somebody? Respect for somebody is on a much higher level. Respect for each other facilitates Fair Play, i.e. “We kick the ball - but never the person”.



Trust is one of our strong foundations. We trust in each other.
One basis for trust is that ownerships are clearly assigned. Everyone in the TEAM knows what he or she is responsible for. Which part of the value chain / process he or she OWNs. That the buck stops with him/her for that portion along our wayto customer satisfaction.
Trust builds over time. But it starts from the first moment that you join TIGER.The simple rule we live by: If you employ him/her – trust him/her! If you don’ttrust him/her – don’t employ him/her!


Curiosity is the attitude that facilitates innovations. It is this wonderful attitudefrom our childhood that we preserve and cultivate and cherish – our interest innew things. This dynamic prevents us from becoming static. The one that hasstopped to become better has stopped to be good.
Courage is one key attitude that hand in hand with curiosity makes us cross borders,explore new territories, to look deeper and sail into new blue oceans wherenew solution can be generated that make our customers EXPERIENCE EXCITEMENT.


We firmly believe that our TEAM Spirit is the key successfactor for the leadership positionthat we have achieved. For us 1 + 1 = 3.

Time and again we experience how powerful the intelligence of a group is. Through our gatherings, meetings, workshops wemanage to bring this group intelligence to the surface. Dialog – deep listening and deep talking encourage this “surfacing” aswell as our open space meeting format – to sit in circles without tables and let the energy flow.

When it comes to TEAM we have learned a lot from the Geese. Communicating actively with each other, having clarity on wherewe are heading to, changing positions every now and then, having highs and lows, times of stress and times of relaxation, goingthrough crisis together, backing each other up, celebrating together.

TEAM for us also means absolute clarity on Who drives the bus. Whom the buck stops with. Who owns the result for which part.TRUST in each other, RESPECT for each other and APPRECIATION for each contribution are the foundation and energizers for our TEAM Success.



the six most important words I agree it was my mistake.

the five most important words You did a great job.

the four most important words What is your opinion ?

the three most important words I appreciate it !

the two most important words Thank you.

the most important word We

the least important word “I”

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