Series 134/1
Organic outdoor inks

Create stable, durable, highly UV resistant surfaces for outdoor applications!

TIGITAL® Inks and TIGITAL® topcoats for surfaces that need to meet the most CHALLENGING STANDARDS

Properties with digital topcoat
Mechanical resistance
Chemical resistance
Color gamut
UV resistance
Properties WITH analog topcoat
Mechanical resistance **
Chemical resistance
Color gamut
UV resistance
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TIGITAL® OUTDOOR INKS are high-quality weather-resistant inks for outdoor use. They adhere to concrete, plastic, glass or metal and have a UV resistance of six to ten years. 

TIGITAL® is offering organic and inorganic-pigmented Outdoor Inks, which offer different properties to our customers. The organic-pigmented Outdoor series shows a wider color gamut, however does not have as good a UV-resistance as the inorganic-pigmented inks.

Our inorganic inks have been tested by an external German institute (IFO Institute) for their outdoor performance and have passed all tests according to the QUALIDECO I standards, which is the most widely used standard for the architectural and façade industry in Europe. Our TIGITAL Outdoor organic inks have passed 1.000 hours of Xenon tests.

  • Inks available with inorganic or organic pigments 
  • Inorganic OUTDOOR INKs: 10 years of extended warranty 
  • Organic OUTDOOR INKs: 6 years of extended warranty


* suitable for use on facades or other vertical areas

** also suitable for terrace decking, concrete tiles or other horizontal surfaces

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