Series 147/2
Paperboard Inks


TIGITAL® INKs and TIGITAL® Varnishes for surfaces that need to meet the most demanding standards.

Properties without varnish
Color gamut
Printing speed
Swiss Ordinance Compliance
Nestlé Compliance
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Designed for high-speed single-pass printing application, meeting the most demanding requirements of the cardboard printing industry. These inks have been industrially applied for over 4 years and are running in wide-format single-pass printers at a speed of up to 300m per minute.

TIGITAL® Paperboard Inks offer optimal performance on cardboard and paper packaging and can be post-processed in corrugators. With our TIGITAL® Varnishes special effects like gloss appearance and watermarks can be achieved in one printing process.

  • Suitable for packaging material with indirect food-contact
  • Wide color gamut
  • Excellent printing performance with printing speeds of up to 300m / min
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