TIGER Drylac® metallics

Metallic finishes are formulated with the designer, the coater and the OEM in mind. They are formulated for interior and exterior standard applications in various chemistries, including polyester, polyester super durable and fluoropolymer.

2nd generation bonded metallics

TIGER Drylac metallic finishes are entirely manufactured in-house using an advanced proprietary technology. The 2nd generation bonding technology imparts unparalleled quality and color consistency throughout the application process.

Unique advantages of 2nd generation bonded metallics

  • Batch-to-batch consistency
  • Operator-friendly application without the need for special equipment
  • Lower gun settings, therefore, less equipment wear
  • Elimination of dry spray, clouding, striping and picture framing
  • Higher first pass transfer efficiency
  • Uniform and flawless finish
  • No particle segregation during transport and storage
  • Recyclability

2nd generation bonded metallic finishes include Series 49/149, Series 38/138 and Series 61.

Anodized effects are formulated to emulate anodized finishes. They are suitable for aluminum extrusions, cast pieces and other ferrous / non-ferrous substrates.

Pearlescent finishes offer reflective metallic values reminiscent of natural pearls. They provide luster and shine and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Dormant are brilliant finishes obtained through the application of two coats. The effect will only evolve after the application of a clear topcoat over a specially formulated opaque powder coating.

Glitter finishes contain sparkling metallic flakes suspended in a clear coat. These products have a tremendous amount of flexibility since they can be used with any TIGER base coat to create a finish as unique as your project. Glitter effects come in gold, silver, and a multi-color Twilight effect (TIGER Drylac© 49/00390).

Holographic finishes provide an ever-changing color travel. They can be formulated with both transparent and non-transparent with multicolored holographic pigments. They add mystery and reveal fascinating effects depending on the view angle.

Iron Glimmer are smooth and fine textured finishes for interior or exterior applications. They provide a metallic look in a one-coat finish.

Antique (vein) Are textured metallics finishes with deep coursing veins that can bring a vintage look to even the most mundane objects. Their depth of texture and visually striking appearance make antique (vein) products ideal for hiding uneven surfaces, while their durable finish makes them easy to maintain.

anodize-free anodized effect AAMA 2604 compliant

TIGER Drylac® Series 61 Anodized Effects are finishes with deep, rich, and natural metallic appearance suitable for architectural applications or high-traffic areas.

Color and Finish

​​​​​​​Series 61 Anodized Effects are matched to the most popular anodized finishes in the market. They are compliant to AAMA 2604 specifications making them ideal for architectural applications

Application Areas

Ideal for architectural applications, railings, window and door frames, architectural lighting, outdoor and indoor light fixtures, sport goods, automotive accessories, metal constructions, store fixtures, office furniture, patio furniture, garden equipment, gaming machines and other applications where AAMA 2604 specifications are required.

Series 61 Anodized Effects are suitable for aluminum extrusions, cast pieces and other ferrous and nonferrous substrates.


  • Batch-to-batch consistency
  • Uniform color, finish and film thickness
  • Rich natural anodized effect
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Very good flow
  • Good storage stability
  • AAMA 2604 compliance
  • No VOCs, no emissions


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