Steel structure

TIGER Drylac® powder coating systems provide steel surfaces with lasting industrial protection against corrosion in exterior and interior applications. TIGER uses internationally recognized testing methods to ensure the powder coatings comply with standards for weather-resistance and mechanical properties.

Single-coat system for galvanized steel

When coating galvanized steel, the anti-corrosion properties of zinc are required. TIGER recommends a single-coat system optimized for this substrate.

Two-coat system TIGER Shield for exposed steel in outside applications

This system combines precisely matched powder primer and powder coating for a high level of corrosion protection. Three or more coats; as is usually required with wet paints are not necessary with powder coatings. A professional chemical or mechanical pretreatment of the substrate is, however, essential.

Alongside the functional, economic and environmental benefits of powder coating for steel components, TIGER offers a large selection of colors, including metallic effects, in different levels of gloss and surface textures.



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