Furniture Applications

TIGER Drylac® offers tailor-made powder coatings product lines for furniture applications. Powder coatings are used for the surface finishing of outdoor garden/lawn, restaurant/hospitality furniture or indoor furniture for offices, schools, medical facilities and laboratories that require Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) compliant coatings.

TIGER Drylac® metallic effects provide rich effects and brilliance that fulfill the highest demands for a refined surface. The result is an enduring, quality coating which increases the value of furniture. The wrapping power of TIGER Drylac® powder coatings used on steel furnishings which leads to reliable edge coverage and protects against corrosion.

For the coating of cast parts and hot galvanized steel, which according to the surface characteristics can tend to outgas during the curing process, we recommend a modified TIGER Drylac® Series 49 OGF with an out-gassing forgiving agent.

These products compare favorably to liquid coatings as they provide high quality and performance levels for sustainable ecological solutions. They are environmentally responsive and meet stringent technical requirements; they are solvent-free, VOC-free and produce zero emissions.

Unique Advantages of TIGER Drylac® Powder Coatings:

  • Solvent-free, VOC-free, zero emissions, environmentally friendly
  • Superior durability and corrosion protection
  • Batch-to-batch consistency and recyclability
  • Longer lifecycle of components
  • A wide variety of colors, effects and finishes (including solid and metallic colors)
  • Unique formulations for specialized applications, like anti-graffiti, antimicrobial, abrasion resistant or mar resistant coatings

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