Retail environment

Since corrosion is not a significant factor in interior environments, the substrates of choice in this area are often steel, steel tubing and black plates.

Higher demands can be met with the use of appropriately prepared galvanized steel or aluminum. TIGER Drylac® powder coatings can be used as primers for corrosion protection or as single-coat colors and effects for smooth, textured or metallic surfaces. 

TIGER Drylac® powder coatings are available in stock in more than 1,200 colors and effect finishes. They protect the substrate while offering the most diverse design possibilities. Surface effects include, among others, gold metallics, silver metallics, antique and antico effects, rough and fine textures.

TIGER Drylac® offers innovative surface finishes of the highest quality. The result is an intentional distinction provided by color and effect, which emphasizes the uniqueness of the product and significantly raises its identifiable value.

For designers, OEMs and job coaters alike, TIGER Drylac® offers a Retail Environment KIT helping to select the right product for the right application and showcasing all available color cards.



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