Valuable recognition of our achievements

Anton Award powered by

As part of the A-COMMERCE Days 2020, the TIGER Webshop, which had been launched just a few weeks earlier, has been awarded with the Austrian e-commerce prize - the “Anton Award” in the B2B category. TIGER's online portal enables our customers to find over 1,500 TIGER Drylac® powder coating products and to order them 24/7 with just a few clicks, and request free sample panels. Selected color shades can be viewed as a 3D animation for a particularly realistic demonstration of the effect on a surface from different angles. This has then convinced the jury.

3rd Place: State Award for Innovation 2018

For the first time anywhere around the world, TIGITAL® managed to develop a cost-efficient alternative to analog printing processes in the area of food packaging. With printing speeds of 300 m/min. at a resolution up to 1200 dpi never achieved before, our TIGITAL® Inks are paving the way into the digital age for the packaging industry. With all that, the water-based inks have the added advantage of being based on a special formula suitable for indirect contact with food.

Our product convinced the jury at the OÖ State Award for Innovation in 2018: 3rd Place in the “Large Company” category provides all the proof needed.

Upper Austrian Female Researcher Award 2015

Our TIGER, Sibylle Jilg, was able to enjoy receiving the “OÖ Forscherinnen-Award 2015“ –organized by the state of Upper Austria and the Upper Austrian Research GmbH. With her project to develop toner powder for digital printing in industrial digital printing in the category “Unternehmens R&D / Sonderpreis: Jungforscherin” (Company R&D / special award: Young Female Researcher), the Chemist beat out a field of 120 contestants.

Austria's Best Family Company 2014

As part of a competition sponsored by the WirtschaftsBlatt (business publication) in cooperation with Bankhaus Spängler, the Austrian Notaries Federation, and BDO Austria, the search was on once again in 2014 for “Austria’s Best Family Company”. A distinguished jury of experts, including then-Commerce Secretary Reinhold Mitterlehner, assessed the companies based on their economic development and according to specific topics in the areas of sustainability and culture of values.

In addition to the main prize for Upper Austria, TIGER was also able to bring home the national title.

1st Place: Energy Star 2018

Sustainable investments pay off – and are honored accordingly. On 22. November 2018, our colleagues Marielen Haider-Madl, Wolfgang Lindorfer and Peter Krenmayr were honored with the Energy Star 2018 Award of the State of Upper Austria. In the category “Energy Innovation for Sustainable Workplaces”, our “green” Gemba Support Center was awarded 1st Place. We are proud and very happy!

TIGER joins Climate Alliance

As of June 2017, TIGER has been a member of the Climate Alliance of Austria, a global partnership for global climate protection among European communities, companies and educational institutions and the indigenous people in the rain forest areas of the Amazon. Aside from ecological aspects, the Climate Alliance also observes social and societal interplay, such as inequality in resource distribution and opportunities in life.

As part of the comprehensive operational check as a prerequisite for acceptance into the Climate Alliance Austria, all relevant areas of the operation were analyzed, savings potentials calculated and opportunities for subsequent action were pointed out. We were able to successfully turn initial measures, such as procurement of high-quality bicycle racks for our bicyclists, into reality already.

2nd Place: THE SURFACE 2015

In 2015, the 2nd place of the prestigious research prize for surface finishing awarded by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and Automation went to TIGER. The subject-matter of the award was our development cooperation on the topic “Powder Coating - inside finish of cosmetics jars”.

Hidden Champion Award 2014

For outstanding services to the export business, CEO Clemens Steiner accepted the “Hidden Champion 3.0“ award from Christoph Leitl, the President of the Chamber of Commerce in 2014.

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