General Industry Applications

General Industry Applications

TIGER Drylac® stocks an extensive range of powder coatings commonly used in the General Industry segment. TIGER is well known for a wide variety of colors and stunning effects to serve diverse applications such as HVAC equipment, machine manufacturing, warehouse racking, retail point-of-sale, kiosks, thermal bottles, steel fencing… and more!

Discover our specialty products used in General Industry applications below:

These polyesters feature a built-in primer for the best corrosion protection available in a single coat application. Series 223/418.

This two-coat system offers heavy-duty protection and the ultimate in corrosion resistance using a variety of primers & topcoats to suit general industry applications.

Super Durable polyesters feature enhanced UV protection & corrosion resistance for the toughest outdoor environments. Series 38/138/58/68.

Use AR products for added value in terms of durable, Abrasion Resistant coatings that are less prone to handling-related damage. Most TIGER Drylac® products are available with an AR upgrade.

These products protect against blemishes, deformation, disfigurement, or scarring of surfaces. Most TIGER Drylac® products are available as a Mar/Scratch resistant formulation.

Anti-Graffiti (Series 44) products are designed to withstand repeated use of chemical cleaners without impacting the appearance of the coating. A variety of variety of colors & clears are available.

An antimicrobial agent is built-in to this coating. TIGER AM is offered as a Clear (44/00100) topcoat in stock, or as a Custom Order product in most TIGER Drylac® series.

Static Dissipative materials exhibit resistance between 1 X 106  and  1 X 109 ohms. The charges flow through the material slowly and more controlled manner than with conductive materials. Dissipative materials are classified “Antistatic” and are ideal for use around computer components to eliminate shock. Black Conductive (09/81760) is offered as a stock product.

If you do not see a specialty coating here, please contact your TIGER Drylac® Technical Sales Representative to inquire about our unsurpassed ability to formulate custom coatings to your specifications.

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