Surface Protection with Anti-Graffiti Powder Coating

A masterpiece by the artist that causes considerable damage for those affected.  Maliciously sprayed graffiti and the resulting damage to property pose a costly challenge. 

Vandalism with an artistic twist

Some graffiti paintings cannot be denied a certain degree of artistic quality. However, most of them look different. Tasteless scribbles and slogans on the walls of buildings and railroad wagons are becoming an increasingly common feature of the modern cityscape. The quality of the artwork is often lost, because at the end of the day it remains the same offense - vandalism. A legitimate question arises: how can owners of affected objects deal with this problem? 

Removal of graffiti

The chemical composition of graffiti paints allows the substance to penetrate deep into the underlying layers of paint. This makes subsequent cleaning all the more difficult. Special cleaning agents sold as graffiti removers may provide a solution, but their compatibility with the respective substrate is often insufficiently tested. In the worst case this leads to further damage or even permanent damage. 

Aside from the potential damage, cleaning is costly and represents a major burden for city councils, public transport companies, and property owners. For this reason, good graffiti prevention is becoming increasingly important. 

The solution: Anti-Graffiti Coating

To prevent this situation from occurring in the first place, technologies exist that make it possible to easily remove graffiti from surfaces. An anti-graffiti coating gives the surface special properties - allowing even tough paintings to be quickly removed with a special cleaning agent. After a single application of the coating, it withstands many cleaning cycles. The color and gloss level of the paint remain unchanged. 

Areas of Application for Anti-Graffiti Powder Coatings

Like other powder coatings, our Anti-Graffiti series is perfectly suited for coating metallic substrates such as aluminum, galvanized steel and blank steel. The coated components can be found mainly on the following objects: 

• Rail vehicles
- paneling elements
- ceiling panels
- seat frames
• Noise barriers
• Metal facades
• Interior metal surfaces

TIGER Anti-Graffiti Powder Coatings

TIGER Drylac® Series 44:

​​​​​​​Special polyurethane coating developed specifically for architectural applications, facades in particular. It is characterized by the following properties:

  • High weather and corrosion resistance
  • Beautiful flow
  • Surfaces in smooth/glossy 80-95
  • Covering pigmented settings and transparent coatings possible
  • Also available in metallic

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