TIGER vision

TIGER’s Vision is to allow people the opportunity to grow, room to unfold their wonderful talents and excel as individuals and as a TEAM.
This is our Purpose of Existence. Success and profit are logical results of this attitude.


TIGER Drylac® only develops and produces environmentally friendly, high-performance products that meet the most recent technological standards and are in line with our principles: high quality standards, environmentally friendly and innovative products, short delivery times, high flexibility and outstanding customer service. Our customers are at the center of all our efforts and activities. We live by this focus on customer service and consistently put it into practice; for both internal and external customers.

We achieve our status as market leaders with committed, loyal, communicative and technically skilled colleagues. New skills such as teamwork, accountability and self-study are existential properties essential for success in a constantly changing environment.

customer and partnership

We win customers through innovative solutions and excite them with TIGER services, quality and flexibility.

We are close to our customers and we develop global partnerships through our worldwide network.

We offer competitive standard solutions and develop special solutions for hi-tech products and applications. This is how customers perceive us.

a great place to work

We cultivate a creative and inspiring work environment by creating enough room to reach agreed upon goals and by actively designing our own GEMBAs & solutions.
We TIGERs accept each other with respect, honesty and fairness at all levels. We foster open communication.
We TIGERs enjoy working together and do it with pride. We trust each other and achieve excellence through TEAMwork and integrated global networking.
We re-energize and motivate each other through common activities and gatherings.
We TIGERs cherish and welcome every opportunity to develop our skills and to grow on a personal level.
We approach every crisis as a threat as well as an opportunity.
We appreciate diversity - different views and opinions lead to better solutions.
We are striving for equal chances and equal pay for women and men.


We develop and produce innovative and environmentally friendly products keeping in mind the least impact on resources, so we can contribute to a higher quality of life. We are fully aware of our social responsibility.


We achieve sustainable results, even in economically challenging times. We predominantly reinvest our profits in new technologies to enhance TIGER’s competitiveness. This is the foundation of our independence.

We TIGERs think and act as entrepreneurs and enjoy a share of our profit.

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