Individual filling service: the new TIGER Eco-Pack

If neither of our standard pack sizes (20 kg carton or 2.5 kg minipack) is quite what you need, we are now able to supply just the right amount of coating for your job.

Following the principle of “less is more” and as a contribution to our goal of resource efficiency, our new TIGER Eco-Pack builds an ecological bridge between TIGER’s standard products and your specific coating batch size:

  • An individual filling service offering quantities from 1 kg to 19 kg of our current TIGER Drylac® standard range
  • Precision filling to the nearest kilogram: we supply the quantity you need
  • No leftover powder coating, so no need for storage space
  • No more waste disposal costs
  • No capital commitment
  • Ecological cycle


Good to know:

  • TIGER Eco-Packs are available at a cost of €25 per color/effect filling, based on the minipack sale price.
  • Orders prior to 2:00 pm will be delivered on the next working day, while orders submitted after 2:00 pm will be delivered two working days later.
  • TIGER products will continue to be available in the standard 2.5 kg and 20 kg sizes and may be ordered without any additional charge.

Choose your color now!

Our standard stock​​​​​​​ includes more than 1,500 different color shades and effects from the entire TIGER Drylac® product range.

For more details or to place an order, please contact your trusted TIGER sales representative or send us an email at​​​​​​​.