Powder Coating for Transportation

The transport industry requires coating systems with top-level color, functionality and process stability. TIGER Drylac® powder paints for the automotive industry, agricultural and construction machinery, rail and bus applications are constantly being improved under the Blue Ocean innovation program at the TIGER R&D center, with every improvement opening up new market potential.

Our products feature superior gloss retention, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, protection against mechanical and chemical attacks, simple cleaning, easy care and anti-graffiti protection.

After all, coatings offer just as much scope for improvement as the technology.

Powder Coatings for Automotive Industry

TIGER Drylac® Automotive-Powder Coatings are the result of intensive R&D. Our global network in production and research is the basis of custom made solutions for our customers in the automotive industry. This includes decorative functional coatings in various kind of colours but as well a lot of clear coats in chemistries like Polyester, Polyurethan and Acrylic. TIGER Drylac ® offers powder coatings from Primer to the topcoat.

Powder coatings from TIGER® providing an optimized surface solution and finish for parts like alloy rims, interior and exterior parts or functional parts under the bonnet or at brake systems.
TIGER Drylac® offers a full range of finishes with over 1.600 spectacular colors and effects.

Customer made finishes can be offered and asked via TIGER Drylac® R&D centres.

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Powder coating for ACE (Agricultural & Construction Equipment)

The size and characteristic OEM coloration of agricultural and construction machinery are what capture both the eye and the imagination. Heavy machinery coatings function as a key point of difference on the market, indicating the quality and durability of the machine and increasing recognizability and resaleability.

TIGER Drylac® coatings come into their own wherever a striking appearance and long-lasting UV and corrosion protection are called for. We are a market leader with many years of experience and a proven track record in this sector, delivering first-class surface coating solutions for commercial vehicles and trailers, snowplows, forklifts, lawnmowers and heavy agricultural, forestry, mining, construction and earthmoving machinery to our OEM customers.

Our promise: we protect agricultural and construction machinery against UV radiation and weather, providing long-lasting color and gloss and preserving the value and appearance of heavy machinery for the long haul.

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Powder coating for rail & bus

Trains, buses, metropolitan rail and underground railway systems provide safe, environmentally friendly transportation, moving billions of people, goods and products from A to B every day.

TIGER Drylac® coatings ensure that your delightful travel experience starts well before you encounter the comfortable seats, when you first lay eyes on the vehicle. Our train and bus coatings satisfy the strict quality requirements of the Deutsche Bahn rail company’s DBS 918 340 standard and are designed to withstand the constant wear and tear experienced by public transport vehicles.

TIGER powder coatings are applied to aluminum and steel interior and exterior components, and chosen for both technical and decorative purposes. All our products are characterized by superior weather resistance and gloss retention, a long lifespan and outstanding anti-graffiti characteristics.

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Individualized digital printing

TIGITAL® Tattoos combine the properties of high-quality TIGER Drylac® powder coatings with all the advantages of digital printing. Enjoy the best of both worlds and give your machines a striking, high-resolution personal touch:

  • label and design printing
  • individual motifs 
  • graphics
  • safety signage
  • and more