Powder Coating for Job Shop

Job shop operations are the all-rounders of the power coating industry. These coaters need to complete a diverse range of duties, for which they require an equally broad selection of powder paints in certified quality, available promptly in a range of shades, textures and glosses as well as exclusive texture and metallic effects.

Fortunately, TIGER has the largest range of in-stock powder paints in the entire sector, available 24/7 for your convenience in an online color palette. Our selection of more than 1,500 brilliant colors and effects are suitable for use on facades, white goods and furniture, in the automotive industry, for shop-fitting and all general industrial coating purposes.

When it comes to uncoated or galvanized steel (and outgassed surfaces), aluminum, medium density fiberboard (MDF), composite fiber materials (CFC) or glass, if you have the surface, TIGER can provide the perfect coating solution!

We look forward to your order! 

At TIGER you will find the right package size for every coating project. Our minipacks (2.5kg) and cartons (20kg) suit smaller projects and can be delivered from our central warehouse in a very short time.

The environmentally friendly TIGER Eco-Pack goes one step better, providing an individual filling service. Simply order your desired batch size, from 1kg to 19kg, from the current TIGER Drylac® standard range by 2:00pm, and we will fill your order the next business day.

All the advantages and more details on the TIGER Eco-Pack can be found here.

Do you need frequent color changes and follow-up coating orders over time? No problem with TIGER Drylac®! Our powder coatings feature outstanding charge consistency with tight tolerances. We use our newly developed bonding process for metallic coatings to ensure safety in processing and recycling as well as long-lasting surfaces with the “Wow!” effect.

Find out more details when you explore the diverse range of colors and effects in the TIGER Drylac® product range!