Designer selecting powder coating for a project from a color scale
April, 25 2023

TIGER Architectural Handbook as a Valuable Resource

Designers, enhance your skills and stay ahead of the curve with the TIGER Architectural Handbook. Learn all you need to know about this incredible resource from our latest article.

April, 17 2023

Low-Cure Powders - Energy Efficient Powder Coating

The prices for oil, gas and electricity are currently reaching record levels, putting the discussion around saving energy in a new light: in private households as well as in industry, because low energy consumption offers not only ecological aspects…

April, 05 2023

Around the world in 45 years with TIGER

Metallic Production Manager Helmut Demmelmayr is almost a fixture at TIGER. In 1977, he was the first person to pass the final chemistry apprenticeship exam at our company. In the years that followed, he worked his way up to become a shift manager in…

March, 15 2023

ESD Powder Coatings

Electrostatic charge is created wherever friction happens. Everybody knows the phenomenon, which happens for example when you pull off a plastic packaging from a product. A necessary consequence of electrostatic charge is its discharge which is…

March, 08 2023

Get ready for Color Trend Days 2023!

TIGER, together with its partners from The sppot, is about to head into their first big event of 2023: Color Trend Days! The spring event, dedicated to color trends, effects, design and innovations for surface finishing technologies of the bicycle…

March, 02 2023

Outgassing in Powder Coatings

Outgassing describes the release of a gas or air that was dissolved, trapped, or absorbed in a material. Powder coaters may face specific issues related to outgassing when working with porous metal substrates like iron, steel and aluminum. These…

February, 24 2023

Green energy for a green future

Prices for electricity, gas and heat are currently at record levels. Energy-efficient management and a sustainable lifestyle are therefore more important than ever - for companies and private households alike. Against this backdrop, the automotive…