TIGER Drylac® automotive powder coatings are the result of consistent and intensive development in the area of coating-optimized surface finishes for parts and components used throughout the automotive industry. To meet the high functional and decorative demands of the automobile industry, high-quality, single-coat systems are available in virtually all colors and effects.

TIGER Drylac® Wheel Line
The primers in the TIGER Drylac® Wheel Line are an optimum coating system for aluminum wheels and are fine-tuned for different application conditions to provide the best possible base for subsequent coatings.

TIGER Drylac® Frame Line
The UV-resistant, polyester-based powder coatings in the TIGER Drylac® Frame Line are used primarily for coating components in interior areas such as doors and seat frames.

TIGER Drylac® Trim Line
Applications tested in harsh climates with heavy sun exposure for a period of five years or more in southern Florida were the basis for developing TIGER Drylac® Trim Line powder coatings.

TIGER Drylac® Functional Line
Developed for its extreme resistance to chemicals and corrosion in the laboratory and chemical field, TIGER Drylac® Functional Line provides outstanding resistance to aggressive agents and is therefore used for brake cables, engine blocks, steel springs, etc.

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