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To do their job, coating specialists need a broad selection of high-quality powder coatings at short notice with a variety of surfaces and glosses, as well as texture and metallic effects. TIGER's product range includes more than 1,200 colors and effects available direct from stock to coat facades, appliances, store fixtures, furniture, automotive parts and general industry products, as well as for different substrates – bare or galvanized steel (also outgassing substrates), aluminum, MDF, CFK and SMC, etc.

Package sizes up to 20kg or 2.5-kg minipacks support small coating businesses and are available on short notice from the main warehouse. TIGER powder coatings also support frequent changes of color through batch consistency in narrow tolerances. This is especially important for follow-on coating orders over a longer period. TIGER Drylac® metallic effect finishes offer optimal finishing and recycling safety based on the latest bonding process made by TIGER.

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