The transfer and adaptation of modern powder coating technology for engineered wood, especially medium density fiberboard (MDF), is now state-of-the-art. TIGER played a major role in this process and will continue to support the development of this technology in the future.

A precise understanding of the factors involved in powder application, curing methods, oven design, MDF quality requirements, as well as testing and measurement equipment for a quality assurance system, now provides a process security that is essential to industrial production.

The benefits of TIGER Drylac® wood systems at a glance:

  • Wide selection of 3D design options
  • Seamless all-around coating
  • Durable properties of surface finishes
  • Multi-faceted edge designs
  • Cost-efficient
  • Rapidly change colors
  • Environmentally-friendly, zero emissions
  • Broad range of colors and effects

The high level of quality of the powder coatings provided by TIGER Drylac® wood systems can be used across the entire spectrum – from kitchen, bathroom, office, child's room to self-assembly furniture and store fixtures as well as the audio-video field. The following links demonstrate that furniture makers known around the world already use this innovative, environmentally-friendly technology.

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