Powder coating for mechanical engineering applications

For machine tools, the finished surface primarily caters to one essential requirement: A uniform appearance across all products. To ensure that this is the case, TIGER Drylac® offers outstanding batch-to-batch quality for all product lines that we offer.

TIGER works closely with liquid-coating specialists to ensure that powder-coated components are visually indistinguishable from liquid-coated machine components. Through these partnerships our customers benefit from the many advantages offered by a system provider: a single point of contact for both coating solutions that are perfectly matched visually and technically.

Robust surfaces for all requirements

Machines operating in an industrial environment are often subjected to harsh ambient conditions. Such machines often come into contact with chemicals that have an abrasive effect on coated machine parts. Hybrid powder coatings ensure both enduring quality and resistant surfaces. These epoxy-polyester-resin based powder coatings are significantly more resistant than conventional coatings; for example, in a rough-textured finish they can effectively cover weld seams. Of course, pure polyester systems can also be used by customer request.

The TIGER R&D Center is pleased to work out the desired finish based on specific customer requirements. An array of mechanical and chemical tests is performed to ensure that all of the agreed specifications are met.

The high quality of the raw materials we use and the unique formulations of TIGER Drylac® make it possible to coat more surface with less product. We use high-quality resins and pigments exclusively, and do not use unnecessary fillers, so our products deliver optimum coverage, even at thin film thicknesses. The result: eco-friendly, a low waste rate, and a positive EUR/m² balance.

TIGER: a reliable partner worldwide

As an international company, TIGER manufactures its products at various locations around the world. We have production facilities in Austria, Canada, the US, Mexico, and Southeast Asia. Local manufacturing offers our customers the benefits of regional sourcing and fast procurement in high quality, around the world. Short transport distances also save energy and CO2 emissions.

Our strong sales network in approximately 50 countries offers optimal service and individual support in your national language. Naturally, our on-site technical support is also available to TIGER customers in the various regions.


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