Powder coating for steel structure

The safety of steel structures depends heavily on their ability to satisfy various quality requirements. However, steel can still be corroded by chemical, physical and electrochemical reactions with oxygen, water or acids. The result: materials decay and load bearing capacity is reduced. The thinner the wall of the component, the more rust can affect the function of the metallic item.

Efficient corrosion protection is, therefore, one of the most important preventative measures and a vital consideration when coating steel surfaces. Protection is guaranteed when you choose high-quality powder coatings from the TIGER Drylac® brand.

The TIGER Drylac® single-layer system for galvanized steel
Zinc has corrosion-preventing properties. That’s why we recommend our TIGER Drylac® single-layer system, which has been specially designed for the purpose, when finishing these surfaces.

The TIGER-SHIELD two-layer system for unprotected steel exterior surfaces
Perfectly compatible TIGER-SHIELD coatings combine rigorously tested powder primers with powder coatings. Once a surface has been professionally chemically or mechanically pretreated, this high-quality two-layer coating can be applied to steel elements for effective and long-lasting corrosion protection. Triple and multi-layer applications such as those required with liquid paints are unnecessary with TIGER-SHIELD.

“Made by TIGER” powder coatings offer many functional, economic and environmental advantages in powder coating steel, together with a tremendous range of colors and effects in various gloss levels and surface textures.