EV Battery Boxes

TIGER Automotive Powder Coatings for EV-battery systems

Electric power train and electric driven vehicles are constantly under development. This results in special parts and special requirements fort he powder coating for such systems. These requirements are very differnt to the explicit part and can last from perfect surface finishes with isolation properties and flame retardancy.

TIGER Drylac® developed special powder coating systems to meet these demands from automotive OEMs

TIGER Drylac® powder coatings provide advantages over conventional liquid systems as:

  • Improved thermal insulation.
  • Improved electrical insulation.
  • Exceptional corrosion protection
  • 100% VOC free
  • Improved edge coverage
  • Higher film built for better insulation properties.
  • Higher film built for improved dielectric strength.

TIGER Drylac® offers customer specific solutions under series 201/211.

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