Wheel Line

TIGER Automotive powder coatings for alloy and composite rims.

TIGER Drylac® is a long lasting partner of the rim industry. The TIGER automotive team is working in close cooperation with Tier1 and OEMs to meet the high demand in quality and properties of this industry.

Powder coatings for alloy rims are normally consisting out of 3-layers.

1st Layer: after pre-treatment a layer of powder primer in series 200 will be applied. The purpose of the primer is to provide a perfect grounding and surface for the next layer and improve the corrosion protection of the alloy rim.

TIGER Drylac® Primer systems (series200) are available in grey, black white or even special colours as bronze or red. A smooth surface and the perfect coverage even at difficult parts oft he rims is key to the next coating process.

2nd Layer: The next layer on a rim is in many cases the colour layer providing the colour look of the rim. This is in many cases a liquid coating but can also be a powder coating in metallic to provide a cost efficient 2-layer system. TIGER Drylac® provides a huge variety of metallic colours ins silver, bronze or copper tones for the perfect look of the rims.

3rd layer: The 3rd layer is the clear coat layer. TIGER Drylac® clear coats are available in different chemical back bones as Polyester Acrylic or Polyurethan for E2C (Easy to clean) solutions.

  • Polyester (series 221),
  • Polyurethan (series 240) for E2C (easy to clean) -systems and
  • Acrylic powder coatings (series 250)

All clear coat systems are available in matt or glossy finish.