Trim Line

TIGER Automotive Powder Coatings for Interior and Exterior

TIGER Drylac® Trim Line are special developed powder coatings for INTERIO and EXTERIO part in the automotive industry.

This can be parts as cargo rolls or speaker grills in car interiors but as highly weathering exposed parts as B-pillars or roof rails.

TIGER Drylac® powder coatings will be developed in accordance with OEM requirements and specifications. TIGER R&D centres are taking care to meet all requirements for such parts as weathering exposure tests or chemical resistant tests and this in combination with the perfect finish required by the OEM.

The combination of color, gloss and surface provides the perfect finish in all kind so variation to support the uniqueness of the OEM´s car and stile expressions.

In close cooperation with the design studios, TIGER develops the finish and provides the possibility of a digital twin of the custom finish. This enables our partners to utilize the digitalized finish further on to their own purpose.