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If TIGER customers have a request, one team is always there for them - our customer service team. But what exactly do they do? Our customer service team takes care of day-to-day communication with customers. From the initial contact to coordinating shipping, the customer will be guided by the same representative. For our employees, this means a variety of tasks and creating personal connections to their customers!

In addition, one can take advantage of the opportunity to specialize in supporting specific countries. The team is just as diverse as the global locations to be managed. Today three TIGERs will introduce themselves and their fields of responsibility. Manuela Sokic is part of Team Germany, Sandra Weber works in Team International, and Markus Sageder is responsible for Austria.

Sandra, how has your career at TIGER been?

Sandra: I have been with TIGER for 31 years. When you're with a company for that long, friendships form not only within the team but also with customers. I have been responsible for international territories from the very beginning, only the countries have changed over time. I appreciate the freedom to pursue my work independently. We are given the trust to make decisions ourselves. As my parents are from Croatia, I have a special understanding of my customers and I am happy to have been able to look after these countries for all these years.

What are your teams responsible for?

Manuela: At the core of our daily work lies extensive customer service. Our tasks range from making offers to taking orders and coordinating shipping. This means that we are in constant contact with our clients.

Sandra: We are the key contact person for our customers, and we have been for years. This means we can deal with inquiries quickly and respond to statements such as "we'd like our tone of red again" without having to run in circles. That is definitely a unique advantage to TIGER.

Markus: We maintain consistent contact with our R&D center so that we can provide customers with answers to and of their technical issues.

Manuela, how long have you been with TIGER and what do you appreciate about the company?

Manuela: I have been working in customer service at TIGER for five years. Recently, I have also become involved in a project, which gives me a lot of joy. The working atmosphere at TIGER is particularly pleasant and the interaction with each other is respectful. The work itself is also fun, of course!

TIGER represents the value of "openness" in its daily business. We can all address topics without hesitation and we are taken seriously. We are listened to, and that is certainly not to be taken for granted in a company of this size.

How are the teams organized?

Manuela: Team Germany consists of eight employees and a team leader. Everyone is assigned to his or her own regions, which are divided up by postal code. We are also in close contact with the assigned field staff, who have the necessary technical knowledge to help further assist customers. In the case of complex issues, we can always call on their expertise. However, we ourselves also receive product-specific training.

Sandra: There are currently seven people working on the International team. The primary language we use to communicate is English.

Markus: For Austria we have six full-time employees and one apprentice. However, it’s important that we also maintain contact with the other teams and countries, because TIGER continues to grow globally.

Markus, how has your job changed in recent years?

Markus: I, too, have been with TIGER for 31 years. I started on the International team, then moved to the Germany team and have now been responsible for Austria for over seven years. Everything has started to move faster. 31 years ago, we still had our own trucks that were on the road for a whole week. Now we deliver every day. What I appreciate about the company is that we always have an open atmosphere and very good team spirit.  The team has grown, and we have been allowed to become more independent.

What does your day-to-day work look like?

Sandra: Our team is divided by country. While we all do the same tasks, everyone has their own region and can work in it independently. I am responsible for Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Ukraine.

Manuela: My days are quite varied, depending on which requests are pending. I am responsible for Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, and therefore I’m constantly in touch with two of our field representatives.

Markus: To get an overview, we start each day by answering e-mails and phone calls. This is followed by accepting and entering orders, supervising the field sales staff, and coordination with shipping companies, etc.

What skills should you bring with you if you want to be successful in customer service?

Markus: You should be communicative and flexible. The ability to react quickly is a must. Since we are in frequent contact with customers, you also need thick skin every now and then.

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