Ultra runner in action for TIGER

Sabine Hochmayr has been with TIGER for a year now. In her free time, the ultra runner competes in races lasting up to 48 hours. The "lone fighter" can also use her mentality as a strength at TIGER. In intralogistics, it is her job to ensure that production can go about its work and that stock levels are correct.

How can one imagine tasks in intra-logistics?

My job is to make sure that production doesn't run out of required products. Raw materials, cardboard boxes - I'm responsible for ensuring that production can work and that the material is available.

What does your work day look like?

Counting and inventorying is on the schedule every day. In the morning I check the stock levels to make sure they are correct. If the inventory doesn't match, I'll look for the reasons. I'm a "single team" and I'm my own boss, so to speak. However, I work closely with production, DP1 and the team leaders.

What do you particularly like about your job and the company?

I appreciate being my own “boss” and being able to work independently.

What I love about TIGER is the internal team spirit and the collegiality among each other. Unfortunately, this is often lost, especially in large companies. That distinguishes TIGER from others!

How did you first hear about TIGER?

I saw the job profile on social media and immediately felt addressed.

You’ve got a very special hobby…

Yes, I am an ultra runner. I started with six hours, now I run for up to 48 hours, which corresponds to 150 kilometers. Especially at night you think about why you are actually doing it. But from the early hours of the morning, ambition sets in again. I usually train five to six times a week. The flexible working hours at TIGER suit me. I can also use my mentality as a “lone fighter” as a strength in the company.

Of course, I will also compete for TIGER in the Welser Business Run too!

Are you interested in a position at TIGER?

Then apply now and become an important part of our TIGER family!

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