Powder Coating for Sports and Leisure Equipment

TIGER Drylac® - more than just a surface

The bicycle, e-bikes, cargo bikes or scooters as well as other sporting goods are far more than just a transportation vehicle or training tool - they embody a lifestyle. They must be as dynamic as their users and easily withstand adverse conditions such as wetness, heat, weathering or contact with corrosive substances (e.g. sweat). Bikes, scooters, fitness equipment and co. therefore require durable coatings that not only reflect the spirit of the brand, but also defy environmental conditions.

But it is not only sports equipment that benefits from the advantages of TIGER Drylac® powder coating. The possible areas of application range from playground equipment, gaming equipment, powder coating on plastics or carbon fiber parts, as well as medical sports equipment and wheelchairs.

Up to date – individual - modern

With the surface finish, you give your device the final touch - of course, you want to make use of the best selection. For this reason, the color scheme of the models in particular is considered very carefully every year and coordinated with the current trend colors in the industry. In this area, TIGER Coatings is the trendsetter as far as surface finishing is concerned. In addition to our annual ​​​Color Trend Days our customers will in future have the opportunity to download our 12 Trend Colors, among other things, as digital files, so that they can try them out in advance in the form of 3D renderings directly on their products.

Choose from a wide range of colors in the TIGER Webshop​​​​​​​ ) and find your personal favorite. With powder coating, TIGER Drylac® offers a solvent-free alternative to wet painting and achieves the best results. This unique technology enables countless color and effect combinations that appeal to both fashion-conscious and sustainability-minded consumers, stirring emotions and building loyalty to our customers' brands.

Welcome to the sppot

surface - protection - performance and trend - all in one spot!

Founded by TIGER Coatings and Deyacolor, ​​​​​​​ the sppot​​​​​​​ is backed by an exclusive partner network of leading manufacturers in the field of surface finishing. Our customers benefit from the extensive know-how of this network and can be assured of getting the best surface solution for their requirements at all times.

All this makes the sppot a unique platform that offers all technologies related to surface finishing for the bicycle and sporting goods industry. Just a few minutes away from the airport of the Bulgarian capital Sofia, the sppo​​t's  competence center is located where our latest products and innovations in powder coatings are displayed. What makes this center of excellence special is the integrated, modernly equipped laboratory. There we can develop concepts and prototypes together with our customers within the shortest possible time and also test them immediately, while you simply take a seat in our business lounge and discuss technical or creative surface finishing solutions ;)

It´s all about the surface!

In addition to the technological offering, ​​​​​​​the sppo​​​​​​​t also supports its customers with workshops and services.​​​​​​​

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