Operation Management Trainee: Well-rounded talent in production

Gregor Vecsei can expect many things when entering the office in the morning, but a boring work routine is not one of them. Gregor graduated with a degree in Process Engineering and began working at TIGER as an Operation Management Trainee at the start of 2022. In his program, he passes through various workstations at our main site in Wels and primarily learns about the technical side of the company.

In his previous positions, Gregor was known as a "Jack of All Trades": As a Chemical Process Technician, he worked in a rotation system and was responsible for many different tasks. In 2018, he decided to put his career on pause and study process engineering at the FH Wels. After achieving his Bachelor's degree, Gregor looked for opportunities for personal development and ended up at TIGER shortly after.

A varied trainee program

As a trainee in the areas of production, technology, and maintenance, Gregor will gain deep insights into the various products, international production sites, and core processes of TIGER over the span of 18 to 24 months. During this time, he will be actively involved in a variety local and global projects. At this time, Gregor – along with our production technicians, is taking care of an automation project for our powder coating production process. A trip to our TIGER locations in North America or Asia is also on the schedule.

"I am given enough freedom and can therefore try out many things for myself. In addition, the training provided helps me to get to know the focus areas in the best possible way."

About the past and the future

Before his shift to production engineering, Gregor was already hard at work at TIGER's powder coating production facility. There, he familiarized himself with the processes from mixing the raw material to packaging the finished powders and was taught the proper way to use our production machines. This was followed by a month in Quality Control (QC), where his colleagues showed him what is important in ensuring the quality of our powder coatings.

In the upcoming months, Gregor has more lessons to look forward to in the laboratory, metallic and synthetic resin production, maintenance, and project management. One of which he is particularly looking forward to.

"I'm particularly excited about my time in project management. Above all, I imagine being part of a large-scale project to be very exciting."

Always on the move

In his free time, Gregor also loves to have variety. Sometimes he relaxes by hiking in the mountains, and if he wants to be a bit more active, he likes to play squash - "but only with a partner who can hit the ball hard. Otherwise it's boring," he says jokingly.

Good prospects for a great job

"I am not 100% sure yet about what I will do after my time as a trainee comes to an end," explains Gregor. All doors to the areas that he visited during his traineeship will be open to him upon completion of the program. The large number of great impressions Gregor has made over the past few months will surely help him when it comes to choosing his dream job.

Have you completed training in production management, process engineering or similar and are interested in a career path like Gregor's? We are always looking for motivated TIGERS!

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