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Research and develop

A lot has happened for Magdalena Zlatunic since she graduated from technical college (HTL): in just a few years at TIGER, she has risen from lab assistant to senior formulator. Today, she talks to us about her career journey and her workspace at TIGER: our state-of-the-art Research & Development (R&D) Center.

Everything has a beginning. Of course, this also applies to TIGER's powder coatings. In most cases, it all starts with a customer order. Special colors, textures, gloss levels or effects: The wishes are diverse when it comes to the perfect finishing of surfaces. This is where Magdalena and her colleagues from the TIGER lab come into play. They adjust the formulation precisely so that the result meets the expectations. And that is not all by any means.

Off to an early start

It was almost six years ago when Magdalena became part of the TIGER family in 2016. However, our R&D Center was not unknown to her at the time. During her school days in the chemistry branch of the HTL Wels, she was with us twice for an internship - in the lab, of course. After graduating an application to TIGER was therefore an obvious choice.

"I mailed the application late in the evening at that time. The very next morning I received the invitation to my interview, and from then on everything happened on its own. I was very surprised and delighted!"

What does a senior formulator do?

"It depends on the particular day," Magdalena replies. "As a Senior Formulator, a lot of things fall into your area of responsibility." One big task is to coordinate daily lab activities - this includes, for example, processing, controlling and approving orders, reviewing documentations and managing the lab team. “In addition, I also oversee the maintenance of the lab equipment.”

Besides their operational work, however, Senior Formulators are also strategically involved. This mainly includes continuous product and process improvement, but also development and innovation projects in which you are actively participating. These tasks are demanding but extremely interesting.

"The TIGER lab has a very special appeal because you can in many cases work and research on things that are completely new. There is always work to do - yet we have a very relaxed working atmosphere. I appreciate my colleagues for their laid-back nature."

Trust and Responsibility

What makes Magdalena very proud is that she was trusted by her superiors from very early on. "After only two years, I was already allowed to take on individual senior tasks," she says. This early responsibility helped her to be well prepared for her current position and has contributed significantly to her career path at TIGER.

And what's next?

In addition to her job, Magdalena is currently completing a correspondence course at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. For now, she will be pursuing her studies in industrial engineering. What comes after remains to been seen. "At work, everything can stay the way it is. I am completely content with my tasks, my colleagues and my position," says Magdalena.

You have a degree in chemistry and are striving for a similar career path as Magdalena? Our colleague is currently looking for motivated TIGERS to support her in her tasks.

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