Powder Coatings for Forklifts

Powder Coatings offer a durable solution

Improve the impact and corrosion resistance of a forklift for higher quality appearance and extend service life

Many forklifts are used in dry, protected environments. Other times, they are exposed to salts or other harsh chemicals made or used in the production process. Fortunately, powder coatings can be used to extend equipment service life and save on costly forklift replacements.

Impact resistance

Powder coatings are known to give surfaces a strong, uniform protective coating with superior resistance to physical impact, including scratches, abrasions, and chips. The combination of pigments and resins fuse together to form a hard, durable surface when cured which allow typical scratch resistance of around 4H (compared with only around H for liquid paint). Powder coating decreases the wear and tear of the finish, resulting in decreased maintenance cost and greater life cycle of the parts.

However, even with its considerable durability, powder coating may still get damaged over time, and this damage can include scratches, marring and abrasions. Powder coating is likely to encounter some degree of abrasion or force during every day, especially when applied over an industrial product like a forklift. Note: Darker colors will show scratches easily, compared to lighter shades.

Corrosion resistance

Powder coating is particularly suitable for forklifts that are exposed to humidity, chemicals or salts in operational use. The coating process excludes the possibility of rust or paint particles becoming detached from the forklift and damaging the goods being transported or the work environment.

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